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Bridal Shoot, A Wedding and a Family Session – {thoughts from the intern}

July 23, 2010

So recently Crystal and I worked with a beautiful bride to be! It was super exciting and she was great to work with.  The bride’s dress was absolutely stunning!  I don’t want to give anything away, but just wait until you see the pictures, they will be great! (Just a little hint: Crystal kept stealing the reflector away from me to clear spider webs!)  I’m looking forward to seeing our bride at her wedding too!

This past weekend I tagged along with Crystal for Kelsey and David’s wedding in Winston-Salem, NC. Kelsey looked absolutely beautiful and the whole day was fabulous!  There was a lot of running around to do because the church was gigantic, I’m not sure I was completely prepared for that! It’s always interesting how each wedding is such a different story from the others when it comes to photographing them.  The church we were in had multiple balconies so we had some different angles to shoot from during the actual ceremony.  I am still working out my nerves during the ceremony because it’s a one time only deal.  Everything goes by so fast, it’s pretty awesome how Crystal stays so calm during it.  (I’m sure that I’ll get into the groove of things with more practice.)  As for the rest of the day, it’s always easier to photograph when people are having so much fun.  Everybody at the reception had a blast!  It was pretty dark in the reception hall so it was difficult for me to get some great shots (Oh I can’t wait to have all the equipment I need!!)  Fortunately there were people outside and areas around the windows for me.  All in all i think that everything was successful, but it definitely takes a lot of hard work!

The most recent shoot I tagged along on was a family shoot.  This is a shoot I’m glad I didn’t miss!  The Page’s are an absolutely beautiful family!  It was so great that the family played during the whole shoot, it made for some great candid shots!  I even got to play babysitter (from 5 feet away) while Crystal stole some shots of Mom & Dad.  The session wasn’t just to document the family either, it was also to document their beautiful house since they are moving to Arkansas.  They have definitely worked hard to make it unique!  Family, I am sure your home will miss you just as much as you’ll miss it!

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