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The Road Trip 2011 Contest Finalists – Vote for your favorite and where we should go!

July 5, 2010

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The day has finally arrived!  When I first launched this contest in February, June seemed so very far away, but here it has come and gone and now we’ll find out when and where our road trip for 2011 will expand from.

First let me say that narrowing down to these finalists was a VERY DIFFICULT decision.  At least for me.  Ben seemed to read the entries and know immediately what he did or didn’t like about each one.  I on the other hand would absolutely LOVE to be able to shoot EVERY SINGLE wedding of EVERY SINGLE couple who entered the contest.  I loved reading the entries and hearing about the towns and the couples and the weddings they were planning.  And when you’re planning a big move to a brand new place, you can’t be picky, you have to be completely open minded to experience places that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.  I mean, who are we to judge a town just by it’s name, if we’ve never actually been there?!  And it’s funny, because Ben had completely different favorites from my favorites, which made it even harder coming to a compromise!  We have tried to be as open minded as possible when choosing these finalists, and had lots of debating about each one.

We had close to 50 entries, so narrowing it down to these 13 was very very tough.  We were planning to narrow it down to 10, but a few extras just got lucky!  And also, a lot can happen in 4 months.  A couple of the entries we got, the couples decided to go ahead and tie the knot early and withdrew their entries… and while a few of those are still planning big celebrations, we decided to focus on the ones who are having their ceremonies with their families for the first time.  We also got some awesome sounding entries from a few couples who, unfortunately just could not settle on a date in time, as well as a few couples who were getting married months outside of our planned time line.  I wish we could share them all with you, but I know there is already PLENTY for you to read and decide on here with the ones we chose.

ANYWAY… some couples put together entire PDF novels of why we should come to their town and photograph their weddings, and others were very short and sweet… so to keep it simple, I’m going to put the basic overview of each entry here for you to read over and select from.  I had my intern shuffle the finalist entries and wrote them here in the order of her shuffle.  So, without further ado…. I present to you…


1.  SHANNON & JUSTIN – Cheyenne, Wyoming – July 9

Summertime in Wyoming has always been a very special time to me. There are so many different things to do in Cheyenne and so many fun things to be a part of. Most of my summers have been dedicated to a show called The Old Fashioned Melodrama where the audience boos the villain, cheers for the hero, and sighs for the heroine. In fact, I met my hero in the summer of ’03 on stage at the Melodrama. I played Sadie Spencer (the heroine) and he played Clint Cactus (the hero). I didn’t know yet that he was the one that would rescue me from a lifetime of bad dates and sleazy villains, but immediately there was a connection and we became close friends.


Fast forward four years. Our roles had changed a bit on stage, but our friendship still remained. Justin now played the vitriolic villain Smedley Cheatum while I skirted around the stage in fishnets and lace playing the ditzy card girl who introduces the show. Maybe it was the new parts or maybe it was just inevitable, but somehow that year we went from seeing each other as friends to something more. Two years later we were engaged.


So why should you come to a small wedding, in a small city, in a state where antelope outnumber people? Well… so you can go home and tell people you went to a place where antelope outnumber people 2 to 1!


Justin and I are just a fun, laidback couple who don’t take themselves too seriously. We are really open-minded and love trying new things. I believe we will be a fun couple to photograph and be around simply because we are in this for the marriage, and a nice wedding is just a perk. I could marry him in City Hall and still be as happy as can be. I think that separates us from a lot of couples out there.


2. Barbara & Rick – Lake Delavan, WI – August 6

Milwaukee and vicinity has a lot of hidden treasures….one of which is Lake Michigan which we are just a mile from.  It is a vast body of water that rivals any ocean, and if you are on a jet ski or a boat and  you close your eyes (briefly of course)  you can definitely open them up and see the ocean….something I would miss tremendously.  In addition, there are concert series every week, festivals, Summerfest is held here and the weather is wonderfully warm without being overbearing, even in August.  They have brewery tours, tours of the lake, the harley davidson museum, many art galleries and zoos, and an aquarium, just to name a few.


My fiance’ Rick and I met approximately 3 years ago and have finally set our wedding date for 8/6/2011.  The fun part is that we are getting married at a resort called Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, WI which is situated right on Lake Delavan. With its rustic charm and proximity to Lake Delavan it was an awesome choice!


Our wedding is going to rock because it is all about fun, fun, fun!  With a lake theme and many amenities at the resort, you would have an awesome time right along with us.


We rock because we are an older couple.  We are in our 40’s, and while this is not our first trip down the isle, this is our first “real” wedding.  Since we are soul mates, and we want to do this thing up right, we set the date for a year away just so we could save for something special and fun for our close friends and families….  If my email hasn’t convinced you, I have included a link to a video that me, my twin and our kids did to the song “Telephone” by Lady Gaga. (Yes it is actually posted on YouTube. That should show you how much fun we are and how much we rock.


3. Amanda & Devon – Auburn, NY (Finger Lakes) – June 5

The best thing about Auburn is it’s a fabulously diverse town full of great food and interesting people – in the middle of Upstate New York?! The amazing natural landscape of gorges and waterfalls seems to attract really cool people, and those cool people make it the really cool town that it is.  The best thing about the Finger Lakes? Very, very tasty wine! Ithaca is fun and beautiful and quirky, and even if you somehow don’t love it, you’ll definitely love a weekend full of food and wine.


Our wedding doesn’t have a theme, it won’t be in the fanciest reception hall around, there won’t be roses and candles everywhere – but it will be US. It will be an authentic representation of our lives and our relationship, and because of that we think it’s going to be pretty awesome. We’re DIY-ing absolutely everything and involving our friends and family as much as we can. My mother is a seamstress extraordinaire and she’ll be making my dress and the bridesmaids dresses. Devon’s aunt is a florist extraordinaire and she’ll be working magic with the flowers. Even though we have about 14 months to the wedding by my count, I’ve already been busy making banners and purses and knitting a shawl and plotting my printed-on-fabric invitations. In summary, the DIY details will be amazing, our friends are a total blast, and there will be lawn games. Oh yes.


The bottom line here is that we’re real people, we’re lots of fun, and we have REALLY adorable bunnies! Devon is the geeky sporty one, with interests including many fish tanks, fencing, brewing, ice hockey, and various nerdy games. Amanda is the crafty social one, with interests including knitting, swing dancing, sewing, caving, and moving to new countries. Together we like to cook, watch Cornell beat up on people in hockey, pet the previously mentioned adorable bunnies, dominate bar trivia, and have long debates about silly things.


4. Kelli & RJ – Cambridge/Easton, MD – May 7

Our city rocks because it has the charm of a small town and the beauty of the surrounding waters! Cambridge is the heart and soul of Dorchester county and we absolutely love living here and we think you will love it too! You know the song from How to lose a guy in ten days? called It Feels Like Home…Well that song would be the theme song for where we live if it had one. People here are soo friendly and everybody knows everybody. May is the perfect time to visit by the way, it’s right in between too damn hot and freezing…it’s amazing. I can’t describe the feeling of standing on a dock and feeling the wind on your skin and in you hair and smelling this place…It’s home!


Our wedding will rock because we are two people who have shared more love than some people will in a lifetime.  We met each other in 2001 and have been together ever since; sure we’ve had our ups and downs but who doesn’t?! This past December we got the ultimate gift, our son! Sure, we always planned on getting married first and then having kids but the book of life didn’t come with instructions and things happen! None the less, we would not have changed it for the world; he is beautiful and he is our whole world. Plus, we both have HUGE families so the wedding is going to be a GREAT time…And our families will make you feel like family as soon as you get here…(My mother will try to force feed you food as soon as you walk in the door by the way). We are the type of family who loves to get together with good friends and good food and have a good time. Weddings on the Eastern Shore and always unforgettable and ours will be nothing short of Amazing! I, myself, dabble a little in photography; but I mainly do children and families…It’s a passion of mine and I when I look at your photographs I see that passion in them as well. I don’t want just someone to take pictures, I want someone who is going to capture these beautiful moments for us and turn them into a lifetime of memories…And from what I’ve seen, you’re the person for the job!


We think we should win because we would love to have you in our town and show you what an Eastern Shore wedding is all about. Because our love for one another has been through soo much and we’re making a lifetime committment to one another and we want an amazing photographer to capture this special moment! Because we want a passionate person to be there with us on a day that revolves around passion! Because we deserve it!


5. Bonnie & Calvin – Cave Junction, OR – June 25

Cave Junction rocks. For one thing, we’re getting married at a treehouse resort. Cave Junction is also not far from the Oregon Caves which are awesome, plus the beach, Rogue River, and the redwoods. It is not far from the California border. Oregon as a whole rocks- while you’re here you should definitely check out Crater Lake, Bend, Ashland, other parts of the coast like Haystack rock in Cannon Beach, and Portland. Lots of amazing photography opportunities!


Like we said, treehouse resort! ( for more info and pictures). We are also considering having some activities like tree climbing and white water rafting and we’ll have some dancing and “normal” stuff. Being that  we found your contest on Offbeat Bride, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that our wedding will be a little different- my dress is white but dip dyed in blue, we’re having donuts instead of cake, etc. We think ours should be one of the most unique and fun weddings that you’ll have photographed.


6. Erica & Tyler – New Orleans, LA – August 6

I can’t believe it: this contest looks like it was made for my fiancé and I. And now, I will do my best to prove that to both of you!  Neither Tyler nor I are New Orleans natives, but we became completely absorbed in the culture, the people, the music and the uniqueness of the city about 6 years ago. (More about us later though.) I am confident that both of you would have the time of your life down here, because everyone who visits this incredible place realizes quickly that it is a city unlike any other. (I almost feel like living in New Orleans gives me an unfair advantage in this contest..what city could be better?!)  *Please note that we have live music every night and around every corner; we host over 50 different festivals per year; we are probably the most culturally unique city in the country!


Tyler and I met 4 years ago during our college years at Tulane University. Tyler met me one month after my father had suddenly passed away, leaving me pretty much orphaned, as my mother saw my dad’s passing as an opportunity to completely abandon me. (But I don’t want to tell you a sob story!) I literally look back and see Tyler as a Godsend. We very quickly became each other’s worlds, and not even a week ago, he proposed. I feel that in the past 4 years my life has done a 180, and that is primarily because of him. But our story is not about just him and I; rather, we have the support of some incredible, loving (and FUN!) people: his family, my extended family, our friends in New Orleans, his friends in his home town of D.C. and my friends in my hometown of Chicago; those are five groups that we CANNOT WAIT to have in one place for our wedding day!


When you combine a FANTASTIC city with the FANTASTIC people that Tyler and I are lucky enough to surround ourselves with, you get the Wedding of the Century. There will be a noticeable loss without my dad there, but like I said, Tyler and I have always been the type of people that make the best out of what we have. You guys sound like a really cool couple to do what you are doing, and I guarantee that you will think Tyler and I are worthy of winning and that our wedding would be a great one to photograph.


7. Rebecca & Edward – Angola, NY – August 6

We live in Buffalo, NY and the wedding will take place in Angola, NY, right on the lake. The wedding has a Renaissance theme and you would be more than welcome to dress for it. Buffalo is an amazing city to tour. We have many historical sites as well as some kick-ass bars. If you took my wedding photo’s you would not regret it. We will have a party on the beach and a bonfire. Basically why should you NOT pick us….I mean come on I’m adorable.


This picture is of him proposing to me on May 1st, Beltane, at Brushwood folklore center in Sherman, NY. We were about to dance the maypole, pagan festival, and he surprised me by popping the question.
8. Marie & Allen – Seattle, WA – June 4
The Pacific Northwest is beautiful during any season – and we have all four.  My favorite time in Seattle is late spring and early summer because the flowers are in full bloom and the sunshine is just the right temperature.  Despite the stereotypes, it doesn’t rain all the time.  But when it does rain, the city becomes serene, it washes the city’s canvas clean, freshens the air and makes the landscape lush and vibrant.

Geographically, there is everything in Washington.  Eastern Washington plains, mountains and valleys all over the state, rolling hills through each city, lakes and the Pacific Ocean spilling into Puget Sound.  We’re very close to Canada too!  We have islands, ferries, floating bridges, a troll living under a bridge, plenty of dog parks for your little one AND coffee houses on pretty much every block.  I haven’t had Turkish prepared coffee, but I’m positive it’s served somewhere in Seattle!  Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is modern and contemporary, yet classic and traditional.  I love it and I’m sure you would love it too.


Our party will rock because we come from big Filipino families that love to eat, drink and dance.  In that order.  We fell in love with our venue the minute we stepped inside and immediately just knew.  We’re getting married in the part of Seattle traditionally considered the the industrial district.  It’s an old factory, recently revamped by an awesome catering company specializing in local ingredients:  Sodo Park is rustic and charming but also modern and chic by it’s new decor.  We were also hoping to take some wedding day pictures in other city spots like the EMP (Experience Music Project).  This building is so colorful and oddly shaped, that I think you can make some interesting and memorable images from it.


Allen and I are the classic story of finding love when you’re least expecting it.  My sister introduced us in college and he often teased me about stupid things like my clothes.  I thought he was a jerk and hated him.  After we both graduated, I worked at a little rubber stamp store in downtown, while he worked at a parking garage 2 blocks away.  He started coming to my work on his breaks to visit me and my sister (who was my manager).  Soon, his breaks became more frequent.  Soon after that, I started looking forward to his break times.


Early in our relationship I got accepted to law school clear across the state, about 5 hours away.  Allen totally rocks because he was willing to do the long distance thing and declined my offer to break up.  He’s stuck with me and allowed me to pursue my career, even though we’ve lived in different cities for most of the 7 years we’ve been together.  We should win, not because of me, but because my fiance deserves a little something for being such a great guy.

9. Aurora & Bobby – North Canton, OH – August 5
Aurora never thought North Canton was anything special as a child and really kind of hated it. But that’s the typical inner emo child that lives within most teenagers. Anyway, as she grew up, she started to notice the charm that the city has to offer. Being bordered to the south by a city of Canton, North Canton is just close enough to everything that you would need nearby, but still has a more small town feel. The square of town features some historic buildings that now serve as small cafes, galleries, banks, and other small businesses. (And the store fronts would make great photo spots!) Aurora‘s favorite part of the city though comes from the parks that are scattered throughout the town. One could be driving down a side street and suddenly find themselves next to a quiet park with children playing, dogs running, and parents watching. It’s next to one of these parks that Aurora and Bobby will be married.

Price park is probably the largest park in the city and is across the street from the North Canton Civic Center where Aurora and Bobby will be having their wedding. The park not only has a walking track that takes you along a creek with little fish swimming around but also has a large duck pond FULL of wildlife! This will be the view for Aurora and Bobby’s guests at their wedding. (If you haven’t yet noticed that we love nature, we do!) Aurora and Bobby will be getting married outside in a cute gazebo that is on the civic center grounds next to the coolest old tree ever!!! Because of the love for nature, many sort of different ideas will come into play at their wedding. It would be impossible to call it a green wedding (because there is no way to make anything as large as a wedding truly green), but it will be as close as they can get.

Aurora has also become very crafty and has found some interesting elements to tie their Cobalt Blue, Royal Purple, and Orange colored wedding into their “green” theme. She will also be making her own cupcake wedding cake. It should be a good time.

Bobby is a line cook at our local Carrabba’s restaurant where Aurora is also a server. Bobby LOVES video games! (He might actually try to name our children after the characters from them.) Aurora LOVES books! And together they both have a very healthy movie collection. Aurora is going to school to become a high school teacher, and work, and try to plan a wedding and try and spend some time with friends and soon-to-be husband. (She’s kind of busy.) She is also in the process of trying to adopt an organic/ natural lifestyle. They also have a very sweet and very needy Basset hound named Wallets.

10. Kellie & Mason – Lake Chelan, WA – June 25
Chelan is a quaint beautiful little town, with 0 to no crime. We live on one of the biggest, cleanest lakes in the US. Our year round population is less then 4,000, with that tripling in the summer to expand for the summer tourists who come to enjoy our lake. Chelan is right off the Columbia River, in a pretty valley that boasts 300+ days of sunshine a year. Come check out the great activities, from fishing, to tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, paragliding, float plane tours, visit the tiny villages up lake 50 miles with no road access, only by boat or plane. Or town is so non commercialized that the only stores you will recognize are Wal-Mart and Subway. And we like it that way.

Mason and I have been together for 7 years this upcoming March. He is my rock, and we know basically everything about each other. This wedding will show off both of our sparkling personalities, and accent each others wishes. I have the most beautiful location picked out for the reception; you can check it out at


We have been through thick and thin. There is nothing in this world we cannot work through. He is my best friend, and the glue that holds our relationship together. We met in highschool, I as a Sophmore, and him a Senior. We have been inseperable since.


We have worked so hard for everything that we have. We are waiting another year and a half for the wedding so we can save up and do something nice for our family and friends. At the moment we have a family of 2 cats, and a dog. We rent a home in the area because houses are too expensive around here for people our age to even consider buying. It is hard to live in this area for people our age because we don’t have the best work experience, but we struggle through. That’s how much I love the Chelan/Manson area. I know we could have nicer things if we lived elsewhere, but I wouldn’t trade the beauty of this area for anything.
I grew up in Anchorage, AK, so I know beautiful surroundings when I see them, and let me tell you, you don’t want to pass up the chance to come see our little, unknown paradise.

11. Abi & Darrell – Marietta, PA – June 4
Why Marietta, Pa because it totally rocks!  It’s beautiful farm country where you can actually find space without artificial light at night and be able to look up and enjoy the stars.  It’s only a short 15 minute drive to Falmouth where you can enjoy the annual goat races.  Hershey Park, the sweetest place on earth, is also a comfortable 30 minutes away.  If your in the mood for a romantic hike or a picturesque setting Chickie’s Rock State Park is only a stone’s throw away.  These are only small tastes of the local culture and if you are in the mood for history, art, politics or a great zoo or aquarium Baltimore, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Washington D.C. are all nearby.  It is also very convenient that there are several International Airports on hand to jet off for business or pleasure.  I firmly believe that all the reasons make Central Pennsylvania and excellent place to live.  (And I’ve lived in 5 States so I’m not completely partial:)  )

Our wedding will rock for several reasons.  Our love is well seasoned.  We have been together for 3 years now.  We know each other and  that  the rest of our lives won’t be a fairytale, however we want to grow old together and enjoy parenting the two best kids ever together.  Our wedding will also be awesome because we have the best friends ever.  We have been so fortunate to be able to stand by and care for our friends in good and in bad and in return they would do no less for us.  This will be a mostly DIY wedding.  We are blessed with the many helping hands.

Christian and Grace are my totally rockin kids.  My son will be 11 at our wedding and my daughter will be 7 1/2.  The wedding that we are planning will actually not just a wedding, but the official forming of a family.

I can tell you why Darrell rocks~ he rocks because he has made me feel worthy of  love.  He has made me feel that it is okay to invest in myself and my children.  He has taught me that the only one that I need to impress with all the details of my life is myself and that the opinion of others is just that “their opinion.”  Also because he works 60 hours a week for a pittance and does it to support myself and the kids.  I can tell you why Christian rocks~  because he is the most kind and loving 9 year old boy ever.  And he gives the best compliments ever.  He talks about how beautiful his Mom is and how much he loves his little sister.  I can tell you why Grace rocks~  because even before she’s done eating her french fries at McDonald’s she offers to share them with Christian.  And because she is the Mommy to the 3 kittens we rescued in June.  Why do I rock?~  Mostly because I am so blessed.  But maybe because my family is my focus.  Maybe because I work 40 hours a week and then Monday night is Girl Scouts, Tuesday night is Boy Scouts, Wednesday night is Church and the weekend is family time.  I love my family 🙂 and will run the kids around until they don’t think that I’m cool anymore.
12. Caitlin & Chris – Colorado Springs, CO – May 28
We are fun and patriotic and wildly in love and we would LOVE to have you document the incredible day we’re looking forward to next year. Though I am hopelessly traditional in so many ways, our wedding is a little unconventional. Classic Caitlin – we’re having multiple celebrations with lots of cake and Classic Chris – we’re filling both days with individuality and love.

Colorado Springs is always sunny and sits under the beauty of Pike’s Peak. The community is a mix of conservative military and granola Colorado hikers. We’re both military and both tree-huggers with a persistent and committed (me) and learning (Chris) love for Whole Foods Market. It’s close to skiing and even closer to amazing nature experiences like mountain lions, 14ers, and dog parks. If you are looking for a city to meet, get to know Colorado Springs and you’ll always come back.


The combination of fun elements from (if I have my way, the day will start with a 5K), homemade brownies, volleyball, and sundresses to formal dresses, dancing (you should have seen Chris’s (alcohol-aided) show-stopper during his brother’s wedding last weekend) and truly incredible wines it will be a weekend to remember.  I think we’d have fun together and as we show you around this great city including our fantastic engagement hike, Garden of the Gods, and the US Air Force Academy, etc. Of course you would be escorted by our incredible dogs (Guinness & Benzy) and Chris & I will make you dinner too! Choose us (and Colorado) and you won’t be sorry!


Chris is an enginerd with an engaging smile, a canny ability to say the right thing in the wrong way, and unquenchable search for ways to celebrate others.  He is a prior-enlisted AF Reserves Lieutenant and a Systems Engineer for Infinity Systems Engineering. Our courtship started as he wooed me by talking about stroking plants (to help them grow) building a custom doghouse for Benzy (who can resist a handy man), stargazing, and finally inviting most of his family to our Iron Chef- style first date. We like to make deals and shake on them; most recently, he compromised that if I take his surname, I can name our children!

I am tenacious and energetic and always pursuing something exciting. I teach spinning and yoga and bake and cook like an overanxious amateur. I’m an AF Active Duty Lieutenant (soon to be Capt, so I’ll outrank my fiance for a few short months, yay!) I studied Chinese at Notre Dame and am ready for a life of school and family and children etc. Chris says I’m the female Indiana Jones that he’s always been searching for, so I have a high standard to keep in perspective.


Chris & I are Team Us, walking hand-in-hard toward the adventure of LIFE.  We’re hopelessly in love in a wonderful, giving, honeymooner way. He gives me piggy-back rides and holds my hand and when we fight we argue so that we can be better the next time. Team US is always  the priority and we’re excited to choose a mascot and a jingle and watch US develop!


13. Malerie & Jason – York, PA – June 25

We love York because it’s a very exciting, yet home-y place and there’s a fit for everyone in it.  There are gorgeous little cottage houses up to elegant mansions, and we can’t wait to make York our permanent home as a newly married couple.  Everything that you could possibly want is nearby, including, Hershey Park, The Hershey Spa, The Hershey Hotel, Milton Hershey School, Dorney Park, Historic Gettysburg, The Amish Experience, York Revolution Baseball, Harrisburg Senators Baseball, City Island, Boyd’s Bear Factory, Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, and The Whitaker Center.


Our wedding is going to rock because we have taken a lot of time to plan it all out so far.  Probably too much, haha.  We are in the midst of planning it, and our dreams are set up high, and we’re hoping to achieve them.  We are just taking it slowly, and enjoying the planning process.  It’s a great time to bond and really grow with my fiance, so we are enjoying it every step of the way.


We rock because we are always giving back to everyone we possible can.  By being involved in Compassion International, Habitat for Humanity, and most importantly– The PA Deparment of Education, we try to make our mark, and bring out the best in people… especially our students.  We are both Education majors, finishing up college in May, and hoping to get teaching jobs in August of 2010.  We make it our goal to push our students to do their best, and make them realize that there are many options for them after high school, and they should look into them all.  We both have a passion for helping people, and for animals, and we love spending time with our families and friends.  We both are humble people, and would always put others before ourselves.


Thank you all so much for entering the contest and for helping us make our dream of touring the USA happen!  And thank you to everyone who takes the time to read all of these entries and helps us choose our ultimate destination!!!  Happy voting!  Voting will end Sunday night July 11 and results will be revealed on Monday July 12.


***Votes only count one time per computer to prevent people from voting hundreds of times a day… that just wouldn’t be fair:)  If you have multiple people in your family, they must each vote on a different computer and can only vote once for the duration of the contest.  We can view the computer ip address where the votes are coming from, so no fishy business or you’ll be disqualified!***

Summertime in Wyoming has always been a very special time to me. There are so many different things to do in Cheyenne and so many fun things to be a part of. Most of my summers have been dedicated to a show called The Old Fashioned Melodrama where the audience boos the villain, cheers for the hero, and sighs for the heroine. In fact, I met my hero in the summer of ’03 on stage at the Melodrama. I played Sadie Spencer (the heroine) and he played Clint Cactus (the hero). I didn’t know yet that he was the one that would rescue me from a lifetime of bad dates and sleazy villains, but immediately there was a connection and we became close friends.
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  1. Jen permalink
    July 5, 2010 10:24 am

    Congrats to Kelli and RJ. Wish you two a long, happy, healthy life together.

  2. Tina garcia permalink
    July 5, 2010 10:56 am

    Good luck Chris and Caitlin!! You deserve the best wedding ever!!

  3. Logan Wilkinson permalink
    July 5, 2010 11:31 am

    Congratulations to my mom (Barbara) and her fiance’ Rick!!!! They really totally deserve to win. They are an awesome couple!

  4. Abi permalink
    July 5, 2010 10:32 pm

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to all the happy couples!

  5. kate crerand permalink
    July 5, 2010 10:56 pm

    Jason and Malerie you guys are PERFECT!! I couldn’t dream of a more deserving couple!! lots of love and best of luck! ❤ katie

  6. Stacey&Tayler Huson permalink
    July 6, 2010 10:12 am

    Congrats Jason and Mal, you guys are great together!! Good luck with everything! We love you! 🙂

  7. Betty Mueller permalink
    July 6, 2010 12:47 pm

    Good Luck to my twin sister Barbara and her soulmate Rick. I can’t think of two people who deserve the wedding of their dreams more than these two do. Having Crystal Genes Photography there to take the photos they will have to cherish always would be a priceless addition to their special day!!!!!:)

  8. Gloria Sherer permalink
    July 6, 2010 4:40 pm

    I am originally from Kalamazoo, Mi… I was stationed in Cherry Point, NC- often traveling to an from Charlotte. I read the story about Chelan, WA and have visited there many times.. By far that is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! I’ve been all over this world, from the waters of Guam to the tropics of Okinawa, Japan, the snowy mountains of Alaska, and my very own beautiful state, Michigan.. But Chelan, WA has by far exceeded any amount of beauty that my eyes have ever witnessed. Like Kellie Walker stated, the vast amounts of rolling orchards and vineyards over take these beautiful foothills of the Cascade Mountains, with a complimentary crystal clear beautiful lake that settles in the midst of all of this…
    If you were to ever get a chance to visit Washington State- Chelan would HAVE to be a place for your lens to experience… there’s nothing quite like it….

  9. Jen Brown permalink
    July 6, 2010 5:35 pm

    Congrats Kell & Mason!! LOVE YOU GUYS BOTH! You are an amazing couple, can’t WAIT for your wedding!!! XOXOXO

  10. April permalink
    July 6, 2010 6:38 pm

    Congrats and good luck in the contest for Caitlin and Chris!!!

  11. Kelli & RJ permalink
    July 6, 2010 11:27 pm

    Thanks to all of our friends and family that have supported us…Good luck to all the other couples 🙂

    P.S. Barbara- Your “Telephone” video is such a good time!

  12. Aurora permalink
    July 8, 2010 12:13 am

    I don’t know about you all, but the suspense is killing me! Good luck everyone in not just the contest, but in waiting to find out the results!

  13. Holly Winsett permalink
    July 8, 2010 10:15 am

    Malerie and Jason,
    Good Luck with the contest ! You are both very had working and the love you two have for each other is obvious to everyone. You both deserve the best that life has to offer! Best Wishes!

  14. Lora Gibbs permalink
    July 8, 2010 11:10 pm

    Good luck Abi! You are even more beautiful inside than out! I miss you!

  15. Kye permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:52 pm

    What a wonderful thing it would be for you both to have this wonderful photographer make memories of your wedding! Congrats, Abi and financee!

  16. Jered permalink
    July 9, 2010 5:19 pm

    Having known Kelly practically my whole life, I know that she’s never been happier than since she’s found Mason. I have to give both of them my vote and support, and best wishes that their lives continue to be as amazing as they’ve been so far.

  17. July 9, 2010 7:16 pm

    Done. I hope they win!

  18. Tammy permalink
    July 11, 2010 1:39 am

    good luck guys

  19. Joseph Stephenson permalink
    July 11, 2010 6:09 pm

    Seattle is awesome and totally rocks!

  20. Jessica permalink
    July 11, 2010 10:16 pm

    Good Luck Ab. I really hope you win because it means so much to you. I’ll be praying for you.
    Jess W

  21. July 11, 2010 10:49 pm

    Good Luck to Caitlin and Chris! I loved reading their story! (and I hope she starts her wedding day off with a 5k. THAT is Epic! )

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