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Green Rice Gallery NoDa – Charlotte, NC Wedding Venue

February 23, 2010

This is always such a slow time for blogging here at Crystal Genes Photography, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t super busy! This time of year we are able to catch up on all the items on our to-do list that we couldn’t get to otherwise. We’re able to refocus and replan and get ready to embrace the new year with full force!

And we’re almost there:) Wedding season kicks off for us on March 12!

Ben’s busy finishing up the last album designs from last year and Andy, the new intern, is busy backing up and organizing all of last year’s work for off-site fire-safe storage. I’ve been shooting some for my friend and fabulous wedding planner Tanya Kummerow on a new blog that we started called NC Wedding Underground. I’ll be posting content that we’ve worked on here as well. And here’s the first one!

Green Rice Gallery NoDa Charlotte, NC Wedding Venue

street view of green rice gallery and wedding venue in charlotte nc
We set out on our very first “review” with high hopes for finding a venue that fits our mission, one that caters to the unique bride and gives high quality service. What we found edifies our mission at its finest. Not only is the Green Rice Gallery in NoDa serving the “unique bride” but the coordinator and gallery owner, Carla Garrison is going above and beyond to make each event one to remember always.
owner, carla garrison, of green rice gallery
Carla loves the feeling of good karma that surrounds the gallery during weddings

Here are the basics:

Green Rice Gallery holds 50-150 people in a contemporary gallery space. Art work hangs from walls, windows and stands alone on the floor creating a fun, intellectual atmosphere. The cost is reasonable at $500 for a 6-hour time slot and the space comes with a host of vendor recommendations for your caterer, cake and flowers. Carla is thorough in her commitment to your special day. She helps coordinate, decorate and designate! She is willing to be as hands-on as you need her to be.

inside the main area of green rice gallery in noda where wedding reception would be set up

a view of the art that hangs along the walls of the gallery

Here are the perks:

Green Rice Gallery not only offers a unique space to view lovely art, but also opens its studios up to the public as well. During your reception, your guests can walk down the corridor of art studios, viewing works in progress and taking in the life of a true artist. Do your guests see something on the walls they want to purchase? Or better yet, are they offering to purchase your favorite piece as a wedding gift? Carla and her staff are ready to sell any piece right then and there! Even better, why not have some art work created of your special day? Carla can set you up with a “plainer painter,” one of their own, very fine artists for your event. He can capture the very essence of your wedding day in a painting made specially for you!

the entrance to the artist studio spaces open to guests

another view in the gallery where the wedding could take place

large windows provide great natural light for a daytime wedding or event

the front entrance of the gallery

If our words don’t describe how great this location is, check out our photos. Better yet, take an afternoon to check out the gallery and meet with Carla! Even if you are already married, she’ll make you want to do it all over again just to host your event at the gallery!

more windows around the studio spaces in the gallery

the ceiling and lights of green rice gallery

the hallway to the reception space

If you are still not convinced, or need help visualizing how the space could be decorated, check out their wedding show on March 14th from 12-3pm for a visual of your wedding day!

another view of the reception space in the gallery

Green Rice Gallery

451 East 36th Street

Charlotte, NC 28205


Hours of Operation:
Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat 12-6, Sun 12-4 or by appt.
Open late 1st & 3rd Fridays for Gallery Crawls!

crystal genes charlotte wedding photographer and tanya kummerow charlotte wedding planner outside green rice gallery in noda

Signing off,

Tanya & Crystal
copyright 2010, Tanya Kummerow Events & Crystal Genes Photography, Charlotte NC Wedding Planner, Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer

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