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Happy Birthday to ME! – My wish… to have a summer.

February 18, 2010

Yes, yes, today is another year younger and no, I have no plans to celebrate in any special way. I’m making some fat free brownies and that’s the extent of my plans. However… This year I’m working on balancing life with work. I do not feel as though I have had a “summer” in at least 4 years and my gift to myself this year is to make sure I have a feel good summer. I sat down the other night and wrote out all the things I could think of that make up what I would consider a recipe for a fabulous summer… I want to cross off every single item and if anyone wants to help me achieve any of these, feel free to speak up, plan with me, or invite me somewhere! It’s hard having a normal summer in the middle of wedding season. A wedding photographer’s work is much more than just showing up on the wedding day. We’ve got engagement and bridal sessions during the week and thousands upon thousands of images to edit, tons of marketing to keep on top of, printing and product orders to prep and send to labs, discs and albums to design, galleries to load, emails to send (you get the picture)… but I’m determined to make it work:)

My Summertime Goals:
Picnic in the mountains
Swim in a pool (preferably in someone’s backyard) 3 times
Host a dinner party
Host a backyard party
Take a spontaneous photo trip to a new town with Ben and use some of our toy and antique cameras
Take a reading day by the stream at the Botanical Gardens
Check out the white water rafting center
Go real lazy river tubing in the mountains (please invite me!)
Get some ice cream and eat it outside
Grow some more potted herbs and veggies
Go to the farmers market twice a month
Go strawberry picking
Go to the beach for longer than an hour
Have a yard sale
Paint something colorful in the backyard
Make fresh lemonade
Play softball in park
Play tennis in park
Go to a mountain music festival
Go swimming in a lake, river, or quarry

What’s your favorite summer pastime?

pretty flowers Ben gave me a few weeks ago:)

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