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late holiday update

January 3, 2008

It was my intention to finally post some images from my Christmas holiday today, but while I was working on that, I found images from Thanksgiving that I had completely forgotten about. So, that is what you’re getting first!

On a side note I think I’ve finally settled on a name for my dog. Soda. What do you think?

My parents and my brother came to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. Ben and I subjected them to a full vegetarian feast. (But, I cooked it all myself while Ben slept since he worked a night shift). It was so delicious! We had 2 vegetarian Quorn Turkeys, cranberry sauce extraordinaire, vegetarian stuffing with couscous, berries, and nuts, roasted pears and onions, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, spinach and cheddar scones, vegetable puff pastry pie, chocolate bourbon pecan pie, and my mom made a delicious pumpkin roll.



My dad and brother are both really into hunting and fishing and it is practically tradition for them to do some sort of hunting on Thanksgiving morning. They know how much trouble we’ve had with the squirrels in the neighborhood the past few years, so they had a great time in my backyard. I know, it sounds horrible, but if you knew these squirrels, you’d be out there too. You’ll never see bigger ones anywhere. They’ve eaten through the heating ducts in our attic and chewed holes in the roof edges. They wake us up in the wee morning hours from their gnawing sounds, and they emptied one whole section of the attic of all the insulation. They are just awful!




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