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Have you seen the new blog?

August 11, 2010

Just wanted to remind everyone to visit our new blog because we won’t be posting here anymore! Go ahead and take a look and remember to update your bookmarks and blog readers now before you forget:)

Here’s a sneak peek of what we posted over there today…


We’ve Moved! New Blog!

July 30, 2010

Hi Guys!  We finally decided to update this blog so that we can utilize more features.  You can now find us at…

be sure to update your bookmarks and blog readers right away before you forget!

Weddington, NC Family & High School Senior Photographers

July 27, 2010

click here to see our Charlotte NC Family Portrait Photographers Website:)


Crystal Genes Photography is traveling the USA from May-September of 2011.  Invite us to your town for a wedding or any sort of custom portrait session and receive our Road Trip special pricing!  Contact us here for more information!

Page Family {Chantilly & Plaza Midwood Family Portrait Photographers Charlotte, NC}

July 25, 2010

click here to visit our Charlotte NC family portrait photographers website:)

The Page family is moving to Arkansas :*( and wanted one last photo session at their home before they moved.  I’ve been photographing this fun family since I moved to Charlotte and Evan was the only child.  Hopefully though, we’ll get to do another photo session at their new home next year when we go on the road trip. I wouldn’t want to pass up Arkansas!

Check out their past photo sessions here…

Stella – Newborn

Page – Family & Maternity

Evan & Davis

Love what’s going on in the background of this one:)

This family is so easy to photograph because they are always completely comfortable during their sessions and just act like they normally would when there’s not a photographer around.  One reason I think this is so natural for them is because what else can you do when you have two hyper young boys involved?  But the fact that they spend the whole session playing and rolling around and having fun makes for really great candid images that really captures the personality of their family in a way that just posing and smiling can’t.

LOVE this one


Crystal Genes Photography is traveling the USA from May-September of 2011.  Invite us to your town for a wedding or any sort of custom portrait session and receive our Road Trip special pricing!  Contact us here for more information!

Bridal Shoot, A Wedding and a Family Session – {thoughts from the intern}

July 23, 2010

So recently Crystal and I worked with a beautiful bride to be! It was super exciting and she was great to work with.  The bride’s dress was absolutely stunning!  I don’t want to give anything away, but just wait until you see the pictures, they will be great! (Just a little hint: Crystal kept stealing the reflector away from me to clear spider webs!)  I’m looking forward to seeing our bride at her wedding too!

This past weekend I tagged along with Crystal for Kelsey and David’s wedding in Winston-Salem, NC. Kelsey looked absolutely beautiful and the whole day was fabulous!  There was a lot of running around to do because the church was gigantic, I’m not sure I was completely prepared for that! It’s always interesting how each wedding is such a different story from the others when it comes to photographing them.  The church we were in had multiple balconies so we had some different angles to shoot from during the actual ceremony.  I am still working out my nerves during the ceremony because it’s a one time only deal.  Everything goes by so fast, it’s pretty awesome how Crystal stays so calm during it.  (I’m sure that I’ll get into the groove of things with more practice.)  As for the rest of the day, it’s always easier to photograph when people are having so much fun.  Everybody at the reception had a blast!  It was pretty dark in the reception hall so it was difficult for me to get some great shots (Oh I can’t wait to have all the equipment I need!!)  Fortunately there were people outside and areas around the windows for me.  All in all i think that everything was successful, but it definitely takes a lot of hard work!

The most recent shoot I tagged along on was a family shoot.  This is a shoot I’m glad I didn’t miss!  The Page’s are an absolutely beautiful family!  It was so great that the family played during the whole shoot, it made for some great candid shots!  I even got to play babysitter (from 5 feet away) while Crystal stole some shots of Mom & Dad.  The session wasn’t just to document the family either, it was also to document their beautiful house since they are moving to Arkansas.  They have definitely worked hard to make it unique!  Family, I am sure your home will miss you just as much as you’ll miss it!

David & Kelsey – Married! {Winston Salem NC Cenetary United Methodist & Forsyth Country Club Wedding Photographers}

July 14, 2010

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When I first talked to Kelsey, I could tell right away that she has an eye for detail.  Chatting with her about her wedding plans over the months just made me more and more excited for their wedding day to arrive.  The day was gorgeous, the details were beautiful yet classic with a touch of personality, and their reception… well I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.  So much fun!!!  Click below to check out their wedding day slideshow and to see more images!

Okay, are you ready for these details?!  Cause here they come!

I can’t stress enough how important your choice for entertainment is for the success of your reception.  Band of Oz was absolutely wonderful and kept the party hopping and engaged for hours and hours.

They had the LOOOOOOONGEST wedding train I’ve ever seen!

take a moment to study what’s happening in this image…

good thing lavender is good luck in marriage cause it’s raining on the couple!

In case you missed it above… check out their wedding day slideshow below to see more images and video clips from their wedding day:)


Ceremony – Cenetary United Methodist Church

Reception – Forsyth Country Club

Cake – Cumberland Cafe

Florist – Occasions of the Hart

Band – Band of Oz

Hair & Makeup – Silk Road Salon

Gown – Custom made, designed by bride


Crystal Genes Photography is traveling the USA from May-September of 2011.  Invite us to your town for a wedding or any sort of custom portrait session and receive our Road Trip special pricing!  Contact us here for more information!

Road Trip 2011 Free Wedding Photography Contest Winner!

July 12, 2010

The long wait is over and the votes are all in!  It’s been fun watching the votes go up and the contestants fluctuate up and down, up and down in their ratings.  While it’s all been exciting… we finally have a winner for our Free Wedding Photography Giveaway Contest and we’re super excited!

Congratulations Abi & Darrell, holding 23% of the total votes, we’re coming to Marietta Pennsylvania to photograph your wedding!

Keep an eye on your email for instructions on how to accept your prize by July 30th.

If for some reason Abi & Darrell do not accept their prize by July 30, the free wedding photography will be awarded to the runner up.

We want to thank all the couples who entered the contest and thank all the couples who made it to the finalist round.  Without all of you we wouldn’t have had this fun contest to kick off our plans for the Road Trip next year!  We loved all of your entries and while it won’t be possible to photograph everyone’s big day because of distance and scheduling, we hope to be able to work with as many of you on your weddings as we possibly can and at least stop through the towns of everyone else to take a look around and meet you in person!

Click here to Join our Facebook Road Trip Group to stay up to date on our route around the USA and other interesting things that come up pertaining to our trip!

Are you interested in having us stop through your town next year for a portrait session?  We’ll be available for discounted custom portrait sessions of all types (babies, kids, families, high school seniors, engagement, love sessions, bridals, trash the dress, pets, boudoir and more!)  Contact us for more information and to let us know where you live and what kind of session you are interested in.

Have a great Monday!